Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sick Day....

Well, Brendan's bug caught four of the five of us....
I got up and started coughing, but I got my coffee and prepared to greet the day.
Maggie was making it clear that she needed a trip outside, so I got her leash and my shoes, stepped out the door and off the porch, as I stepped down onto the walk I rolled my foot and ankle and fell in a heap in the yard. The pain was excruciating, but I have done this before, and I usually just need ice and Motrin to get things back into shape.
 I hobbled into the house and yelled for the boys. Maggie still had to go out and she was very confused about why I had fallen and why we came back inside. Her curiosity really wasn't helping.
 The boys were all still asleep and they came flying downstairs to see what was wrong. I probably scared them to death. They came in, and John took Maggie, Brendan got me ice and Paul patted my arm and tried to make me feel better.
 I was just starting to feel like I might not actually pass out, when Paul's cough caught up with him. He started to cough, and then HE dropped to the floor. He said he had a terrible pain in his groin. He was crying and could barely move. We got him to the couch and I called the doctor. They told us to come in an hour later.
 I got in and out of the shower real quick and got Paul dressed and carried him out to the car. Yes, I carried him with a swollen and still very sore ankle.
I took Brendan as well, to help me out, and also because he has had the same bug.
The waiting room was empty and they got us right in. When Dr Hedwig came in, she only had to look at Paul to see that he was in pain. She looked at his chart and asked about his immunizations. He and Brendan have a rather unorthodox vaccine record, due to Brendan's reaction to the DTAP, and neither of them are immunized against Pertussis. This did catch the Doctor's attention! She told me that it is going around in this area, and because of the severity of Paul's cough and the fact that he hasn't had the shot, AND given that Brendan is sick also, we were told to head over to the health dept. for a test.
The doctor also found what she thinks is an inguinal hernia, which would not be uncommon, with all that coughing. We have a slip for a sonogram, but since the test won't come back until Monday or Tuesday, I hesitate to take him in to a place where there are a bunch of unsuspecting people.
I really doubt that it is Whooping Cough. I have the same thing and I have had stuff like this before.
We got a round of Zithromax anyway, and Tylenol with codeine, which I gave to both the boys tonight before bed, If Paul does by some chance have Pertussis, then the rest of us will go on it as well. He will have had three doses by Monday so we will go get the sono then, because he won't be contagious. His pain is a LOT better and he was horsing around with Brendan a little while ago, which we told him is a big no-no.
So it is looking like a quiet weekend with Paul on the couch and hopefully on the mend. If he isn't any better by Sunday, we'll know it was just a virus and it's the same thing that most of the Western Hemisphere is sick with.
Everywhere you go everyone is coughing and telling sad tales about how bad it is and how long they have been sick. It sounds pretty familiar, and they don't all have Pertussis, so I suspect that's what we have too. It's the most horrendous tickle in the throat....
John is totally healthy, and so he gets to go to Co-op and Swing dance tomorrow night. That will be a fun distraction for him. I am going to duck into the Good Shepherd Bazaar just long enough to see Lilly sing and get some of their wonderful spaghetti for dinner. Should be a day at home otherwise.
Hope everyone feels better very soon.

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