Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Today Was...

Sunny- Fall may be here, but the weather is gorgeous!

Educational- Everyone got all their work done AND I got most of it corrected.

Healthier- Brendan's cough is finally starting to fade. Tonight he is actually having a quiet night!

Affirming- I had a review with my good friend, Nettie, and she gave me some great feedback. It is good to have a direction, and yet to know that I have the freedom to do work I love in a context that fits the vocation that God has given me as a wife and homeschooling mom. Nettie is so willing to help me find ways to contribute to Sappari Solutions without giving up precious time at home.

Musical- John got the book of piano pieces he ordered! I am very excited that I will be able to hear him working them out and eventually playing them the way he wants to.

Grace-filled- I was able to attend a teaching Mass for our Religious Ed students. The high school kids were quite well behaved. I only had to give them my "mom look" a couple of times. The Mass was very nice and Father Jay did a great job with the kids.

Prayerful- We are so grateful for all the families in our TORCH group. There are several families that are going through some really tough trials right now. The moms in this group are so willing to pray and support each other. We are all going to face trials, through the years, but we have a sisterhood of wonderful women, and their families that will lift us up in prayer, and be there to listen and try to understand.

Thanks God, for a day of Blessings and for your presence in every moment....

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