Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011....

....Is a bit quiet, as holidays go, because most of us are sick, and Nina and Lilly can't come to dinner. Thanksgivings in our family have always had a reputation for some kind of catastrophe. We had a run of three years where everyone that hosted had some kind of water issue. Last year, well, last year Thanksgiving fell between Mom's death and her funeral. That was tough. This year we are all sick.
I wonder if God is trying to get me to sit down, one day a year, and think about all the things that I take for granted. Like water, family, and health. We are supposed to be thanking God on this day, and it's always so busy. So today I am thinking about how lucky I am that this particular illness is going to go away, and I am thinking about how blest we are to have Tim's job, a warm house, a bunch of healthy kids and grandkids, and yes, a Golden Retriever.
There are so many things to want, in the world today. It's so easy to get bogged down in wanting and wishing and "if only", but there are so many people for whom the things that we consider basic necessities are "if only".
If only...there were clean water within walking distance.
If only...we had a bathroom inside the house.
If only...I could look out the window and see green grass.
If children could eat three times a day.
If only... my kids could go to school.

We have so much. I think a day devoted to giving thanks is a great start.
Let's not lose sight of our Blessings on the other 364.

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