Tuesday, June 8, 2021

A Busy Few Days!

 Wow! What a difference a few days makes! 

I haven't blogged for a few days and there is so much to catch up on! 

Andrew and Lucy flew in on Saturday for a work trip for Andrew, and a short vacation for Lucy. I went and picked her up at a park and ride down near Baltimore, and brought her home. We got in pretty late, but it was fun to talk on the way home. 

Sunday we made the drive up to New York City, with Nina and Lilly, and did a short tour. We were walking the whole way, and it was 94 degrees, so we didn't get to do a lot of the things that we had planned. It was just too hot to walk fast all day. We did go out for a nice lunch in "almost Chinatown", and we walked and shopped along 5th avenue. That was fun. We got plenty of loot for the folks back home. Then we got back on the ferry and headed back home. 

Lilly's "Clay Pot" Rice Bowl

The city was not nearly as much fun as I remembered. There was trash everywhere, all over the sidewalks, even in the nicer areas, and there were a lot of people sleeping all over the place. There were few police to be seen, and I think people just feel free to do whatever. Which means that I doubt that I will go back any time soon. It was so nice to get back to the green of our little town, and our family.

Today Lucy and I went up to Lancaster county and visited the Amish markets. We saw the fields and the men plowing, we talked to very nice people, and we ate some good food! I shopped for a lot of Tim's birthday stuff and we had a lot of fun driving along and talking. She's a smart, sweet kid!

I got burgers and sausages and we grilled a birthday dinner. I also made a cake and, oh yeah, we puppy sat all afternoon. That was quite a circus. The guys had friends over, and Andrew came for dinner, cake and to stay over night so that they can drive to the airport in the morning. We had a great dinner, with lots of animated conversation. 

I ended up keeping Cora and Zona, and will take them back to Danielle's tomorrow sometime. They are going to sleep over here. They have been very good, and there have been no accidents so far! Hope that carries through tomorrow. 

I am going to miss Mass I think so that I can say goodbye to Lucy and Andrew and have the pups here for the morning. I want to have a quiet morning with them. They can be crated part of the time so that I can get a few things done. 

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