Sunday, June 27, 2021

To Texas and Beyond!

The last couple of days have been QUITE an odyssey. 

I left Ohio and Franciscan yesterday around 7:00 am. I wanted to get an early start so that I could make a 5:00 mass in Nashville. Driving went really well! So well that when I got into Nashville and found the church I was an hour early! Then I looked at my phone and I realized that I hadn't taken the time change into account and I was actually 2 hours early....

That was just too much time to spend sitting around, so I decided to get back on the road and see if I could find a church further on. 

My hotel was in Jackson, Tennessee, and I guess I hadn't really looked at reviews of the hotel. I pulled in around 6:00 and went to check in. The smell in the lobby grabbed me immediately. Water. The place must have flooded recently. Everything was really dirty and in disrepair. I have had this experience in the past with this particular chain, and I guess I just thought....well I don't know what I was thinking. Anyway, the guy behind the counter finally came to check me in, and he was a bit surly. I went to my room and it was on the ground floor, which always gives me pause, at the back of the building, and it wasn't very clean either. The whole place just seemed like a bad dream. I called Tim and we were talking about it. I still felt like I should drive a bit further, because it was only 6. While we were talking I took off my shoes, and I realized that the floor was actually damp. That did it. That's not even healthy. So Tim, God Bless him, looked at his account on Hilton, and found that there was ONE room near Little Rock, which was just the perfect distance, and while it was a bit spendy, we decided that it was more than worth it. We just put the new tires on the car and waking up to no wheels OR tires would have been a very real possibility, so it was decided.  

I got back on the road and drove until around 10:15, which was just perfect! I was just getting tired, but I wasn't exhausted. The place was just so wonderful. Clean, 3rd floor, and a wonderful bed. I hit the sack straight away and then woke up around 5:30. I got my shower and then did my prayers, and God gave me this beautiful gift! 

I then went online to find a church and I found an 8:00 mass just 20 minutes away, and in the right direction! I checked out and got back on the road and found this beautiful place:

Mass was wonderful! I was so grateful to be able to go!! After Mass I gassed up and headed for Texas! 

It was a blessed day. Beautiful weather except for a few rain squalls. I drove past the towns of 


And then got to Laura's house around 7:00. They aren't here yet, but I am packing and doing laundry. Can't wait for tomorrow morning!!

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