Friday, June 11, 2021

Getting Ready

 Today was bittersweet.

This morning was Eric's funeral. It was very hard to see what his family is going through, Fr Dale gave a beautiful homily and I pray that it was a message that many of the people there will be able to take with them. My heart is breaking for April and Paul and the rest of the family. How they can say good-bye to that beautiful boy is just unimaginable. 

Today is the feast of the Sacred Heart. I love this feast so much. It has been such a part of me and so many things have come about through this special devotion. I went to Adoration tonight and it was so beautiful to be there with Jesus. I always love sitting in His presence and knowing that His heart is so close, but today it is extra special. 

I have spent the rest of the day getting ready to leave on Sunday. I hadn't even looked at the clothes that I needed to pack. I went to Walmart and got a few things, including a little Keurig coffee maker to use in my room at the college. I can handle anything if I have my coffee. 

I also baked a cake for John's birthday and took it up to him. He is having a party tonight and there will be a few people. We spent some time visiting and then came home. 

I have to pull together the stuff for Lilly's review tomorrow. Paula said that she can do that. That has to be done before I leave as well. A lot of stuff that I hadn't thought of! 

I am grilling chicken to freeze for Brendan, and then I am going to hop over and see Cora for a little bit. 

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