Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The Hardest Thing

 It's going to be a middle-of-the-week day today. It's the beginning of a new month, with so much promise, and some sadness, in it.

The weather is nice, hopefully the cold has left us for the summer. It is supposed to be in the upper 70s today and into the 80s by the end of the week. 

We are having to do the hardest thing in a very long time. Tomorrow we will be saying goodbye to our sweet Maggie. She has lived a wonderful, full and loving life. It really couldn't have been better. Now she is really having a hard time, and pain is pretty much constant for her now. 

She has filled this blog with so many lovely images, and she has filled our life and our home with love and a heart that is as big and golden as she is. I can't imagine her not being here, but I also can't imagine seeing her going further and further down this road where her life just keeps getting smaller and smaller. So we will say goodbye while she can still walk and do what she needs to do. I have never wanted her to have to go through a terrible time of losing all the faculties and control that she has. She already falls and needs help getting up. She really doesn't move around if she doesn't have to, and without her medication we wouldn't have had her this long. We made the decision now because the upcoming month would have been a tough one for her even if she felt good. She would have had to go to the groomer for a bath and trim, and that as become truly an ordeal for her. It takes her a day to recover, and it's a full day process. That just isn't fair. I am leaving for an extended period of time, and she is always kind of unhappy while I am away. I really don't want her to see me packing, because that is always hard for her. I also wouldn't want her to go into a crisis, or have a serious downturn while I am gone. Her decline has been steady so far and it's not going to stop, but if she begins to go downhill rapidly, I would be really sorry not to be here. The vet had said at the end of last summer, "let's see if we can get her through the winter." and we did. She has had a good run. 

I am blogging this today, because I am going to be a mess tomorrow. I have loved this girl, and I can't imagine the house without her.

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