Monday, May 31, 2021

Happy Memorial Day!

 What a nice day it was! 

Tim and I went to mass this morning and it was so nice! After Mass Tim worked on the fence for awhile and I worked around the house. I took my walk on the treadmill later so that I could sleep a little later. 

After lunch I went over to Danielle's and we took the puppies for a walk. That was a hoot. They went a long way, and they were all tuckered out! It was fun. 

I went down to Weis to get a few things for dinner. Forgot the watermelon, but Paul went to get one and he did a great job picking one out! It was wonderful. John and Sarah came over for dinner and I grilled and we had fruit and chips. I had started a fire earlier, and so we had Smores too. I felt bad because Maggie wanted to be outside, but it's so hard for her to get up and down the hill that I made her stay in. 

So tonight I am watching American Ninja Warrior. I have been waiting! 

Tomorrow Lilly will be back at school. I am hoping to get a lot of 

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