Wednesday, May 19, 2021


 The weather has really turned summer-like this week! We are enjoying the lovely warm days. I got to sit outside on the deck this morning to do my prayers, and it was delightful!

Monday I did a lot of running around. I had to get Lilly, and then I had some errands to do. I went to the vet for another 20 tablets for Maggie. Had a talk with the woman at the desk and I was thinking that Maggie was really just not doing well, and then yesterday she rallies and seemed to be feeling great after dinner. She was playing with Tim and very interested in all that we were doing. She slept better and I was happy, of course! I guess we are just going to let God make this decision. He gave her to us, and He will let us know when it is time for her to leave. 

Meanwhile, she will have to get used to the onset of Cora. That little girl is a force to be reckoned with. she is so fast! She is also very smart! She knows me and comes running when she sees me. That just warms my heart. Maggie doesn't seem to mind. I think she is adjusting to the idea. 

Lilly and I stopped this morning on the way down from her house and picked up the whole gang and brought them home to play in the yard. They had a very good time. They were all over the place. It was pretty awesome. Maggie came out to play for a bit, and I think that if it had just been Cora and Comet she would have enjoyed herself, but she is so unsteady on her feet that the large number of pups running around and under her was kind of stressful. I think if she holds out til Cora comes this summer she will be fine. We will just keep Cora busy, and tire her out. Then she can curl up with Maggie and take a nap. 

It's so nice to be going everywhere without a mask!! I love it! I feel so liberated. I am SO glad that I got my vaccine. It is so good to feel free of worry about Covid, after so long! 

Laura and I have been chatting about the road trip. What an adventure that is going to be! 

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