Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Yard Projects

 Today I started working on a couple of things outside. I had been planning to make a path through the gate on the side of the house that we use all the time. The mud there is always a problem when it rains. I Put down plastic, sand, stepping stones, and filled in with rock. I will take a picture tomorrow.

I also started putting new wire on the the fence. It's going to be so nice to play with the dogs without them running off. I will be training Cora after I get back from our trip and "come" is going to be a much less optional command than it has been with Maggie. I am going to really make an effort to get her obedience work down cold by Christmas. We will do some other things, fun stuff, next year. 

I went with Nina and Lilly to see Ivy tonight. We gave her a bath and Nina medicated her poor skin. She was pretty happy because her nose was buried in grass. 

After dinner I went to see Cora and helped with puppy baths. I hope to meet their sire tomorrow.

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