Friday, May 28, 2021

What a Beautiful Day!!

 "Take courage, get up, Jesus is calling you."~ Mark 10: 49-50

A wonderful start to the day today. What a beautiful message to share.

I have been trying to get the house cleaned up and get ready to host the pups here this afternoon. They are quite a handful these days, and it is helpful to let them come here to run off some of their abundant energy. I'm afraid Cora appears to be the wild child of the bunch. 

Well, that went well...They had a great time! They ran all over the place, played with toys, went in and out downstairs, and nobody had an accident! Everyone did what they had to do outside. 

I am beat. Time for a cup of coffee and a chance to watch that crochet tutorial.

Ivy is so happy!! I am so glad!!

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