Tuesday, May 11, 2021

What Happened This Week?

 Guess I have to pack a whole week into this one....or most of one.

Last Friday I received my second Covid shot, with much trepidation. I have heard so many stories about people being flattened by the second shot. It wasn't too bad. My arm swelled and it was really sore for a couple of days, I still have a knot and it itches. I was fluish for a few hours. Some chills, a headache and muscle aches. I had a rash all over my legs for one day. No biggie. I am so glad to almost be fully vaccinated. I will be able to relax and enjoy the summer so much more. 

I went out to the "Mom's" breakfast on Saturday morning. That was very nice. We met here in Havre de Grace at the Chesapeake Grill and had a nice visit.

I had a meeting with Fr Dale about the things that I hope that we will be able to continue after the transition. We should still be able to have our small groups, and Respect Life, and Adoration! That is the most important! 

We thought that Maggie was making a bit of a recovery on the new medication that she started, but it seems like that was a false hope. Maybe we just started it too late. She is worse and worse. She has been falling, and I am worried that she is going to break something. I don't know what we are going to do. I am waiting for the vet to call me back. I am so torn. 

He called back. There's not going to be any good news. 

Cora is growing and apparently is very talented at escaping the puppy pen now. They all are. I don't know what Danielle can do short of locking them in a bigger kennel. Cora is very sweet and loves it when I come to visit. She recognizes me and comes right over. I am so worried that she will forget me when I am gone. 

Lucy turned 14 and got her plane ticket to see us for her birthday! It is going to be so much fun to have her here! I am so excited! 

Paul is officially going to Franciscan this Fall! He paid the deposit, and he is looking for funds.

He has two jobs lined up for the summer, and we can help out a little, so he should be in good shape. Brendan is looking at flight schools. He is hoping to become a pilot. He would be a very good one!

John may go back to school, he is trying to decide.

Nina starts her new position next week! She is moving into a much better paying position and it suits her very well. 

Laura and Andrew will have TWO new Communicants this weekend! Max and Miles are going to be receiving their first Communion on Saturday afternoon. Wish that I could be there. I will be seeing them soon though! At the end of June we will make our trek to Washington State. It is going to be awesome!

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