Sunday, May 16, 2021

Lots to Tell!

 This has been a very busy couple of days!

I finished my projects and the fence is wonderful! It is so much fun to have the pups come over to play and not have to worry about them running off. We still have to do the other side but I have it propped up for now. 

I also finished my path through the gate. 

The yard is looking pretty nice!

I went to Freedom Hills to help Lisa on Friday and filled them in on the situation with Maggie. 

Max and Miles made their First Communion!! What a wonderful day for our family!

My small group had a retreat yesterday and it was so wonderful!! I was so blessed by the women who were there and who are so special. We had some wonderful prayer time! Then we went to Mass mask fee for the first time in over a year!!! It was just the best feeling to be able to breathe! We are also back in the church, which is just wonderful. 

After Mass our friends, the Pojunas', asked us to come over for dinner and it was so much fun! We had delicious food, and visited for a couple of hours. What a blessing to have such good people in our lives. 

I got the yard ready today and we hosted the "kids", Comet, and Watson, the sire of the puppies. He is a little bit of a thing. He is very personable, and enjoyed running around with the puppies. There was a whole lot going on in the yard. I even got to introduce Cora to Bob and Dean. 

After they left I went out and built a fire and sat by it for a long time. I cut up and stacked a few branches and just kind of cleaned up outside. After dinner we went out and roasted marshmallows and Peeps left over from Easter. 

The guys made Smore's. That was nice! I stayed out there with Tim for awhile after Paul and Brendan left. They were going to a party at a friend's place.

Now we are looking at another busy week! I do plan to blog again sooner than later.

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