Wednesday, June 9, 2021

School's Out!

 Some days just fly by and it is amazing that we are able to keep track of all that we need to do and accomplish!

I had Cora and her sister for two days and THAT was a handful. I was trying to keep them from having accidents in the house, so I was spending a LOT of time running them outside. They are both very adventurous, and so every potty break would turn into playtime, with them getting up to all sorts of nonsense. I took them back home yesterday, and there was a lot of chaos going on, not to mention that Danielle has a concussion and she really wasn't feeling well. I had to leave Cora there, because I had so much to do here to get ready to go to Ohio on Sunday. I went back over to their house this morning, and things were much more under control. I do want to get Cora to come here for a while tonight. 

Today I got laundry caught up, washed all the floors, dusted, shopped and got Lilly's portfolio review form filled out. I have to schedule a review soon! Then all she has left to do is some math lessons, but that's her mom's piece of it. I really needed to be done before heading out for a month!

Tomorrow I have a very sad funeral to attend, for Eric Ishak. I just can't believe that he is gone so young. It's going to be a very difficult couple of days. 

Friday I need to look over all my stuff and make sure that I have everything that I need to pack up for a month! I miss Maggie so much, but I am glad that she doesn't have to see me packing. She always hated that. 

I will head down to Adoration soon, but I don't think that I can stay for Mass. I have to fix dinner, because Brendan will be home. 

Paul and I need to look at education loans. 

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