Sunday, April 11, 2010

And Another Thing...

After the camera incident, you know where I fell and almost broke my leg, and DID break my camera (sort of), Tim told me that I should think about another camera for my birthday. I was planning to wait until the laptop was paid off, but considering that we now have a new baby in the family, I am really glad that I didn't.

I did some research and found what I think is a very good middle range camera, for an excellent price. It's an Olympus, and it's just out on the market. The reviews that I read looked really good. It has a great zoom, and a MUCH faster capture than the Sony, which isn't surprising, since the Cybershot is not meant for anything real challenging, and I have to say, will still be in my purse all the time, because it is so tiny and takes great video!

This new one is amazing at distance shots!

It arrived yesterday, just after the puppy! I had fun playing with both of them, and this camera will be excellent to capture the boys and the puppy as they all grow up!
I don't what we will all end up doing together, but whatever it is, it will be recorded here!

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