Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holy Thursday...

Tonight we go to the Upper Room.
We are with Jesus as He celebrates the Last Supper, Passover, with his apostles.
We are with him as he washes their feet.

Mass tonight was so special, and I was praying after Communion, all I could think about was how that Last Passover became the First Communion. How all of History had led to those three days. How all of humanity had been held in slavery, from the beginning, and Christ walked from one side of History to the other. He passed over from death, back into life, and the world was forever changed.

There can't ever be a world without God present in our lives, intimately, every day. There won't ever be a world that doesn't contain the Real Presence, The body and blood of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. The world is now a place where we can encounter Our God, in the flesh, and in our very souls, any time we choose.

Triduum is a new journey every year.
Walk with Christ. In the garden, to the Cross, to the tomb.
Wait with Mary, until the Easter Glory is revealed.
Triduum is a great gift. Three days of time with Our Lord. Three days to think about who we are to Him and who He should be to us.
I am humbled and awed by this Grace.

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