Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poor Paul

Paul has been losing a tooth for two days.
Stubborn thing. He has it so close, but it just won't come out and it is making him miserable.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...we have Macbeth practice.
I think it is going to be great!
We started working on costumes and I have to say, it's kind of addictive. Pulling things together, finding the right "look", adapting modern clothes to fit, it's a kick!

Paul and Brendan have most of their lines down, but they don't have that many. The other kids are very impressive. They are learning so many lines and now they are really getting into their parts.
I will hope to have an update on the "Players" blog tomorrow. Maybe even a picture of a few of the kids in early costume.

Easter is coming and I have been feeling the need to get things purchased and prepared. I wanted to mail the Cooke's Easter package before now, but I didnt' have a car today, because Tim's was in the shop for maintenance. I'll get out tomorrow and get it on it's way.
I did find my leg of lamb. It was close. I had almost decided to go with ham this year, but I love lamb so much and we only have it once a year. I went to Weis and they had one that is perfect.
I also got some refrigerator rolls so that I can make "hot cross buns".
I wish this Holy Week wasn't so busy. It's hard to have so much to think about, and still be reflective.
We will have Holy Thursday and Good Friday, and then we have Paul's birthday AND Easter vigil!
Paul will be eight! Amazing. He is getting so grown up, and with all this growing up, he is losing teeth.
Well, it will be gone by his birthday.

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