Monday, March 8, 2010

Not much to Show for the Rodeo...

Well, I took a LOT of pictures at the rodeo, but very few of them came out well enough to keep.
My little camera just can't handle distance or motion, and distance and motion together are pretty much hopeless...

The rodeo was a lot of fun and the performances of the competitors were impressive. I would love to have a few pictures of the bull riding because, while I question the intelligence of climbing aboard 2000 pounds of meat that wants to kill you, watching it is a blast!

There were a couple of interesting moments during the barrel racing as well. You could almost tell from off the starting line who was going to have a good run. The riders that have well trained horses, with efficient strides and athletic ability, always top the teams in which the rider has to tell the horse what to do.
Several of the girls just rode in and let their horses do the job. A few were less capable and had to pull and drag to get around. One little girl almost lost her seat, and then her horse just basically ran off with her. They went out the gate, and I'll bet there were tears in the trailer that night. Her horse actually looked like it could have been a real athlete, but they were just so mismatched. Two greenies are a bad combination.

The boys got to do the "calf scramble". They went out into the arena and joined about twenty other kids. Then a calf, with a ribbon on his tail was released into the ring and the kids chased him all over until one of them cornered him by the gate and got the ribbon...if I had just coached the boys to go stand by the gate, he would have run right to them.

Then the little kids did a "sheep scramble" and this little guy, about two or three, was just TOO cute!

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