Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This is How it Happens...

This is Lucy.

Lucy was running and playing at the playground, and Mimi was having a wonderful time running after her taking pictures.
Mimi was looking at her camera and Lucy, not at where she should put her feet.

Notice the surface that Sweet Lucy is standing on. Notice the edge of the step in the foreground.
This is not your standard step. It is just enough off standard to provide an obstacle to one inattentive Mimi.

This is the last picture that was taken before Mimi, and her camera, found out why you need to pay closer attention to where your feet are than your beautiful granddaughter when you are trying to navigate a play set.

Mimi will recover.
The camera is forever changed. It still works, but it now requires tape to keep the door closed.

Sad, and avoidable, but this is how these things happen.

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