Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dallas Car Show...

Today was a blast!
We went into Dallas to the big Auto Show at the convention center.
On the way into the convention center, there is this awesome sculpture of a cattle drive.
About 30 huge steers and three cowboys.

Several members of our party got in the path of the drive and were trampled. Fortunately all recovered in time to go to the show.

OK. Now here we have all my favorite cars, not necessarily in order...

Paul and Brendan...Just give them a few years.

John's favorite was the Lamborghini...but the Farrari is nice too...

Stay tuned...Tonight we go to the rodeo!

1 comment:

Courage8 said...

You're finding lots of interesting things to do in Dallas! It's not everyone who gets run over by a stampede on the way to the car show, and still gets to sit in a Ferrari!

I'm looking forward to a Rodeo report!