Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jumping in Front of The Bus...

Someone is attempting to achieve a stranglehold on the political and Constitutional process in this country. The question is...who, exactly?

Just last year Barack Obama was inaugurated into office to chants of "Yes, we can!", with an approval rating that was through the roof and totally unrealistic. OK, I can understand that. He just swept a large portion of the country off their feet, and the poor suckers that voted for him thought they knew who he was.
I think it's becoming increasingly obvious that who he is, or was, or will be is totally irrelevant.
He is a face. He is a puppet.
His approval rating drops daily, he is questioned about his policies, he makes excuses, he fumbles almost every state appearance and has made an international fool of himself.

Yet, he presses on, seemingly unconcerned about what people think of his positions or the loss of hope for reelection. If he were to run for reelection today, some people say that Sarah Palin could beat him handily. She is not exactly an electable candidate, as much as I like her.

He is dragging the Democrats down with him, and the election in 2010 is looking like it's going to be a bloodbath.
Why is this party so willing to commit political suicide? What makes them so determined to pass laws that are 180 degrees opposite of what the majority of the voters want?
I can understand liberal ideology running rampant, as it has in academia for about 60 years, but usually an ideology stops short of becoming a mainstream reality because there just aren't enough people that are willing to stand behind a radical position.
I don't think this is ideology. This is something much more like human power and greed. The question is, whose?
The Democrats don't appear to have a lot of hope for retaining Congress after November. Obama is sinking like a rock.
Who is pulling the strings and what do they have to bargain with?
Why is Obama and his party virtually throwing themselves under the bus, and who is going to ultimately benefit?
I keep expecting a block of Dems to suddenly come to their political senses and at least question the direction, but they just announce that they are not seeking reelection, and stick with the gang.

So, does this seem odd to anyone but me?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps "old red legs" is in charge right now? He was let lose to do his dirty work a long time ago. Many of the people of America were very "soft bellied" when Obama was spreading his lies of "change". They are starting to wake up but they are going to find "old red legs" having a ball with them.
The time for major "changes" is now, but will the American people rise to the occasion?
Christians say it is all in God's hands (which is true), but He also expects those who have much to give much, even when there is pain and persecution.
We do what we can via the Internet. Your Dad just wrote an excellent letter to Chief Justice John Roberts, with Dr. Wilke's book enclosed. Hope someone doesn't think it is a BOMB and just throw the whole thing out!!