Sunday, March 21, 2010

Raising Lazarus...

"Be Not Afraid"
That was one of John Paul II's favorite messages to his flock.
It's a message that I think we receive so clearly in the Gospel today, and one that we need now, more than ever, with the world around us becoming more and more uncertain.

The Gospel today was so clear.
Jesus went to Mary and Martha, in their time of fear and mourning, and he understood the depth of their grief. He understood the deep sadness they felt at the loss of Lazarus.
He grieved with them, and then he reached out and did what no one else could do. He gave Lazarus back to them. He loved them in a way that only God can, and He shows us in this Gospel that His love will always prevail.

We can call to him the same way Mary and Martha did. No matter how dark and desperate the times may seem, His love for us is certain. We may feel at a loss, and we may see no possible reason for joy. We may not be able to understand why He is taking His time. We may even get impatient with Him.
He loves us in the same way today, and He will only give us things that are good for us.

Right now the future of our very way of life is uncertain. We look at the things that are being done to our country and to the least of our brothers, and we cry out and say "If only You had come sooner, Lord, surely You could have saved them." Yet He comes in the perfect time and for the perfect purposes. We have to believe that if we have prayed and trusted, our prayers will be answered, and God will reveal Himself and be Glorified.

Easter is coming!
The wait is hard but we know we will rejoice with Him.
"Be Not Afraid"

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