Friday, April 9, 2010 last...

What a wild week this has been!
I am so tired, just from thinking about so many details that I have to keep straight.

School is always tough at this time of the year. Math is harder, I am seeing how much of the English books we need to finish, History texts seem mind numbing, and everyone is ready to be outside and active. Lots of squirrely behavior.
Adding a puppy to the mix should just about bring everything to a screeching halt for at least a week...

Macbeth is going to be great, but my mind is racing when it comes to costumes and props. So much to pull together. The boys have to get their lines memorized, and we have to get to rehearsal a couple of time a week, so school has to be finished by then. It makes for a challenge...

I have to think about getting more done for the Rutledge Campaign. We had a meeting last night, and there is so much to do! It is going really well. Harford County should be solidly behind him.
I will be working on the phone-bank database and getting a group of callers together. I am hoping that some of the homeschoolers will be interested.

The Parental Rights group needs to get up and running. I am hoping that there will be interest. I have a couple of friends that are very involved and I am hoping that they will help me get the ball rolling.

I have to get some blog posts written for our business blog, and I should write another one for the Rutledge blog.

Then there is the Pool being opened for the season. As the Secretary, I have to enter all the member's names in the database and make the membership cards. I also have to be sure that everyone has gotten the info that they need to sign up.

Guess I am gonna be busy for the next few months, but at least I can do most of it from home, while housebreaking and civilizing dear Maggie...that is a good thing, because there is something very wrong with my car...and I am afraid to drive very far.

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