Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Remember Sleep...

Yeah, it was only a few weeks ago that we were able to get a full night's sleep. Saturdays were delicious, with lazy mornings and running around doing errands and activities.
School mornings were pretty smooth, even with the complaining...

Then along came the baby...

Well the baby dog...

Ah but she is delicious in her own way. She really is the perfect pup. If you are going to have a dog and it's going to be worth doing, this is the only way to go. I knew the beginning was going to be labor intensive. I also know that that is what makes a good family member.

But those middle-of-the-night excursions out to the yard, and the 6:00 am walks and trying to be an enthusiastic playmate while it is still practically dark out...that takes some getting used to.
I knew that I would have moments when I would wonder what on earth I was thinking, especially when we were really getting to the point where we were free to go anywhere, anytime.

Then we get out for a walk, and I hear the birds and see the world waking up, and I know that I would never be out there if I didn't have to be. I think of all the wonderful doggy activities that we will be able to take part in, and how rich life is when you share it with another type of creature.

Bosco is an individual and he is such a part of the family. As annoying as he can be, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Maggie is such a part of each day. She is so sweet and gentle, except for her puppiness attacks, which are totally entertaining.
She is so interested in every new sight, smell and person. She has that fresh new look at life that the youngest have that first year.
We all feel it, as if there had been a hole in the family that needed to be filled, and there she was.
All the trials and tribulations of the first week are over. She has adjusted to her kennel, she has accepted us as her family, she knows her name and she is chewing a little less on furniture and more on her toys. Every day she is better at knowing what is expected of her.

I know we will look back at the puppy days and think that they were too short, and we will miss the cute little fuzzy face and the roly-poly little body. We will be sorry to see the puppy silliness disappear, but then we will move into the doggy work.
Maybe tracking, definitely therapy, and other types of work for her to do. We have been given a gift in her and we all can find ways to give back.
Right now though, it is time to bring her in from outside, where she is lying under her chair...

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