Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Yes, we are going to be the proud and very lucky owners of this beautiful, precious girl.
Our friends, the Tellups, had a litter of gorgeous pups on February 3rd, we got to see them when they were only a week old, and we all thought, "Wouldn't it be wonderful..." but we just aren't in the position to afford a pup like this.
Well, last week, this young lady, who has been known as "Purple" because she had the purple ribbon, was diagnosed with a condition that could require a surgery later on down the road, and that surgery is expensive. So we were offered the opportunity to adopt her, as long as, by the time that she would need the surgery, we agree to have it done. Well, I had to think and pray for awhile, because this is a very big change for us. But, God has just been saving the best for now. He assured me that this is, indeed, the right time. So the "surgery fund" has been started.
We have been looking for the right dog to fill Annie's place for a long time. That was a heartbreaking situation, and I am just so glad that she is happy where she is, because she could never have been happy in this neighborhood.
We watch Curly every Summer, and she is so much fun, but we just never seemed to find "the one".
John has been begging for a Golden Retriever for years, and I would look around, but the right time and dog just never seemed to come together.
I have loved training and working with my dogs, and Sasha was my best friend for so long. I am really looking forward to playing, walking, hiking, training....all the great things that dogs, and boys too, just love! Brendan, especially, will have a special bond with a dog. He has such a heart for animals. I am thinking that having Maggie around will get all of us moving....!
This puppy is going to be the star of the show...

We are naming her Maggie, after St Margaret of Scotland. Everybody in this family gets a saint's name.
There will be many pictures and stories to come....

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