Friday, April 9, 2010

A Very Sad Day...

Today was one of the most difficult, strange, and awful days I have ever had.

Today I learned that someone who has been dear to our family, and who we have been missing very much, has gone from this world. She has left a daughter and two grandchildren who love her so much, she has left a world that needed her gifts. She was torn from this life as a woman who still had so much to do, so many people to touch. There is nothing we can say to a family that is aching for their mom and grandma, except, "We care, and she was loved."

Such an awful realization. Such a stark and horrible reality. When someone is just suddenly gone, all the people that cared for that person are suddenly left with memories, something that no one was prepared to rely on.

I wish I had been in closer touch over the last few months. She had moved and I had been meaning to call...that is an awful thing to have to think. If you ever mean to call it.

This sweet lady had been a part of our lives every week for years. She gave my boys so much. She was one of those souls that has a simple, gracious generosity and love for everyone. She is still in our hearts. We have been missing her and all her gifts so much.

Petra, you have meant so much to so many people, especially children.

Life can be hard, but you always met it with a smile and such Grace.

Petra, we miss you and we love you. Be at Peace.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Jen for a beautiful post. We have been missing Petra as well and the news came as an awful shock! She has touched my children in a special way and a had a great gift of encouranging even those "wiggly" children to learn how to play piano! Our prayers are with her dear daughter and grandchildren. And for Petra, a special Divine Mercy Chaplet! God Bless! April