Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In The Scheme of Things....

Some days it just seems that I am spinning my wheels and each day is very much like the last.
I try to see the big picture, but it seems kind of fuzzy and far off.
I know that school is going well, because we are making progress and working our way through the lessons and the grades on all the tests are great. Still, on a day to day basis it seems like I have lost my creativity and so things are getting kind of dry and just coming out of the books.
On days like this I feel like I want to drop every other activity that is distracting me from schooling. 
Fortunately, all three of the boys are voracious gatherers of information, so while they may not be getting a lot of interesting discussions about the way flowers pollinate (very difficult this time of year and it's annoying that their whole Science book revolves around things that only happen in the Spring!), they are fascinated with birds, and all things geological, and how things work. So I guess their natural interests and curiosity are taking us all in directions that are unexpected, yet very educational.

I know that part of this is the February doldrums. We all get bogged down in this month of cold, dark and dreary. It seems like time is at a standstill and that the lessons are as stale as the air in the house.
We long to throw open the windows, run through a warm meadow and hear the birds in the trees.
At least I do. I am so tired of stepping out the door and being chased back inside by the biting cold. I am tired of slogging through the dirty old snow to get out in the yard.

This happens every February, and I should be used to it by now.
I am taking steps to make this particular February a little more interesting.

We are going to DC in a couple of weeks to explore the National Gallery. We are going to spend a whole day soaking up the art. I am going to take pictures and the boys are going to draw pictures. We are going to have a nice warm museum, full of great people that want to teach us things!

We are also going to go to the Basilica this weekend, if all goes well, to go to Mass, and have a new book signed by Cardinal Wuerl. I really hope we can go. We have been wanting to get back down there, the boys just love the place. I just have to figure out what to do with Maggie. Hopefully Nina will be able to help out.

Tim and I are going to be able to attend the wedding of two young people that we have seen grow up before our eyes. Holly Weber and Brad Ortman. Two wonderful kids from two families that we have been close to for years. It is going to be so special to be a part of that day!

So, all in all, I guess there is yet some spice in this winter month. I just have to be able to find it and remember that it's out there on the days when the walls start closing in.

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