Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Lovely Sunday!

It was a beautiful day today in every way!
The boys went to Mass last night and Brendan and Paul served, so Tim and I went alone, well, sort of.
Lilly and Nina were there too, and Lilly was very good!
It was a nice Mass, and it seemed like there were a lot of people there!

After Mass, Tim and I went out to lunch at McGregor's. We just wanted a quick salad, but the chance to catch some time alone was very nice! The boys were home, along with Maggie. They are all such good guys, and we appreciate the chance to go out occasionally.

When we got home, I took Maggie out for a walk. The weather was just gorgeous, and I couldn't resist! We both enjoyed the sun and seeing the neighborhood waking up from the cold weather of the past few weeks. Maggie was a perfect lady. She walked right by several people, which is huge progress!

I took Brendan and Paul down to Whitemarsh mall for a bit. We stopped on the way to deliver Fr. Henry's "dessert of the month".
Brendan wanted something in particular at the Disney store, and it wasn't there :(
He was very disappointed. They were both such good sports though. I took the opportunity to find a new little purse to replace my black one, and the boys just went along and didn't complain at all. I know they REALLY didn't want to be there! I did find something, and then we headed home.

We had a roast and potatoes for dinner, and then I let the boys stay up a little late to watch "Prince of Persia" as a reward for being such good sports all day.

Tomorrow is another school day. The boys have play practice after we get school done. I am finally caught up on my Bible Study reading, and I will get to go tomorrow night! I hope to make it to the rest of them. I have missed so many. I love this study.

So on we go. This is the last full week before Lent begins, and I have to say, I have never looked forward to Lent with this much anticipation! We will be beginning another "40 Days for Life" on Ash Wednesday, and it is just so exciting to see the fruits of so much concentrated prayer as the campaign goes forward. Every day brings wonderful reports of babies and their moms brought to the truth of LIFE!
God is so good!

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