Saturday, February 19, 2011

Making History

So to change up the routine a little, I assigned some thing different for History last week.
We are currently in Rome, and the boys have been digging in and studying really hard.
I told them I wanted them to choose one building, feature or piece of the landscape, write a report, find some illustrations online and import them, and then create it using whatever materials they chose.

Paul chose an Etruscan Coffin. He was very interested in the sculptures on the outside.
He wanted to use Legos to build it, and it came out great!
The Etruscans were kind of ancestors of Rome, so it counts. Here is a real Etruscan Coffin:

And here is the one Paul built, notice the sculptures on the top.

Brendan chose to build a teeny, tiny Lego version of Circus Maximus, the chariot racing stadium.

Here is the real one:

And here is Brendan's:

John wanted to really go for it, the Roman Senate building out of.....
Rice Crispy Treats!

Here is the real one. As you can see, it is still standing....

Well, John and I BOTH learned a LOT about the proper material for modeling buildings.
It's not rice crispy treats.
We did learn that you can model an ancient building, and it will fall to ruins within minutes, kind of a time-lapse effect.
John's Senate is NOT still standing, but it was delicious!

 Brendan also built a The Parthenon out of blocks, but that's Greece. Just wanted to include it because it's cool. 

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