Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So Many Cuties!

Between Lucy, Lilly and Molly, there is just so much CUTE going around.

Lucy is a sweetie and so doggone grown-up. I just love all the things she says. When I am on the phone with Laura, she is always chattering on in the background about something or other. Keeping Laura informed on all the latest.

Lilly is a little sweetie. Loves Jesus and Maggie and her uncles. Oh, and Grandma Susie. They have some kind of special relationship. Lilly is always cheerful and full of life. Of course, there is the odd moment when she she's mad. She recovers quickly. what a mover! That girl has her own personal drum line! I love the way she sings. SO cute!
I just love little girls! With all the boys around here, a little feminine input is more than welcome!

Thanks to my girls for being so generous and giving the world more reasons to smile!

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