Monday, March 7, 2011


The Monday before Ash Wednesday, and I am finding myself really looking forward to Lent this year because of "40 Days for Life". I love the anticipation of all that will happen when hundreds of thousands of people join together from all over the world to pray for an end to abortion. Every day there will be reports of the many answers to those prayers. God is so faithful!

The boys are all discussing what they will give up. John is giving up his allowance. Paul is giving up spending his allowance, Brendan is giving up pancakes, which may not sound like much, but he eats pancakes every single morning for breakfast.

We will also be doing a full Rosary every night for our bedtime prayers. We usually do a few decades, but we will add more and pray for "40 Days" as our intention. I am hoping to get to as many parish events for Lent as we can.

I hope this is going to be a season of growth for us, individually and as a family.

I pray that all Christians, all over the world, have a very blessed and holy Lent, so that the Easter miracle can be lived to it's fullest!

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