Monday, March 14, 2011

Someone's Still Here....

40 Days for Life reports that a baby is still safe, warm and growing today, through the intercession of so many people....
Keep praying, every prayer counts!


Prayer volunteers at the 40 Days for Life vigil in
Orange County were caught by surprise as the doors of
the abortion center flew open and a frightened young
woman literally ran out as fast as she could ...

... barefoot!

A young man came out looking for her. The barefoot
runner was his girlfriend, and she was there for an

Eventually, she was found nearby, and vigil participants
offered to get her something to eat. When they sat down
to their meal, the young woman told her story.

She was six months pregnant and was already on the table
at the abortion center. She had an IV and was in the
process of being sedated. But she was still alert enough
to realize ...

.. she simply couldn’t go through with it.

"God's grace poured into her heart," said one of the
40 Days for Life volunteers. The young woman found the
strength and courage to remove the needle from her arm,
to quickly get dressed (except for her shoes!) and run
out to safety.

"Our prayers from outside helped her get that courage
to leave the table and run away," said the volunteer.
"I realized how important our role is."

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