Sunday, March 20, 2011


Today was a very big day for our parish.
Good Shepherd, Perryville, was graced with the presence of our Bishop, Francis Malooly, as he dedicated our Altar and all the wonderful things that have come our way through the blessing of many people in many places.
Father Jay made in back from New York, where he has been caring for his mom. She is very ill.
Our two seminarians were there,

as well as several of our local priests and the two priests that were instrumental in Fr Jay's life as he became a priest. And of course, our Deacon, Luke Yackley.

It was a wonderful day.
Brendan has a terrible cough, and he had to stay in the back with Tim the whole time, but he did get outside long enough for a quick picture with the bishop.

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Courage8 said...

GREAT picture of the boys with the Bishop! They all look so grown up - and it was a beautiful day! (Nice photo of the Knights, too!)