Friday, March 18, 2011

I Tried....


So after I watched the video above, I thought about what they said. If everyone would just spend an additional $00.18 a day on American goods, we could help add 200,000 jobs to the marketplace. I decided that whenever I could, I would choose American items over items made elsewhere.

If you watch the entire series of videos on YouTube, you will see that this isn't so easy.
Barbara Curtis at "MommyLife" has them all in one place. 
We need a new toaster, so since I was at Walmart, I thought I would pick one up. I grabbed one that looked like it would do the job, put it in the cart, and then, when I was moving through another part of the store, I remembered that I wanted to look for the USA label, so I headed back over to the kitchen section, and began looking. Yes this is the aisle.

I probably looked at 10 toasters. I even would have bought one that wasn't perfect, if there had been one made here in this country.

I came home and looked on Amazon. I looked on blogs. I Googled "Toasters made in America". Apparently I picked the wrong appliance to start my effort. There are NO toasters made in this country. Well, OK I did find this blog post that directed me to a place in Tennessee, but the lowest price is a bit out of my range, 350.00 for a two-slice toaster. I don't really need toast that bad...

Anyway, I did find a couple of things at Walmart that are made here :

Oh, yes and the Purina One cat food.

I am going to start looking at the different stores and see which of the bigger ones have more of our home made merchandise. If I have any luck, I'll pass it along.

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