Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Four days of fun and frolic has made for a rather subdued group of students around this household.
Even the teacher is a little underwhelmed at the prospect of getting back to work.
It's a good thing we went up to the farm yesterday, because the weather was beautiful, and today is rainy and cold. I guess that is adding to the lack of enthusiasm.
I like the fact that we are staying in. Everyone is busy with something productive, except that I have to keep pulling Paul away from his book, but that is nothing new. The dreary weather makes the house feel cozy, even though it's not really cold out.
John is working on art, and Brendan is doing his math. It's always good to get math out of the way for the day.
Paul did his health lesson, which was interesting. He had to dry, yes dry, his tongue, and then put sugar on the tip, to see if he could taste it. Well, he said he could barely taste it until he let his tongue get wet again. 
I have a couple of things to do tonight, but things really have slowed down, and I feel like I can really concentrate on school without a lot of other distractions.
I am taking things a day at a time. The boys are doing so well, I don't want to tip the balance by adding anything else to the mix.

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