Sunday, September 25, 2011

Open Mike at Good Shepherd!

Sometimes your kids just amaze you.
We went to open mike night up at the school. It was a youth group event and a lot of the kids prepared some wonderful entertainment.
John had a song that he and his friend Mark did as a duet. The duet idea was a bit shaky, but both of the guys sang well, when they sang.

Paul did a song called "Galaxies". It was with a CD, so there are parts where he stands for a long time waiting for the next verse to start, but he did a great job!

I am so proud of these guys!

There were lots of great performances.
Erin Tellup and Danielle Hoppel- Mime

Blaine and Mathias- "Thriller"

The "Improv Players"

Mathias and Blaine-Air guitar dual

And a great big finish!

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