Monday, September 26, 2011

Marley She Ain't...

....Thanks be to God!

I am rereading "Marley and Me".
The first time I read it, right after it came out, I thought it was cute, and very funny, but I wasn't reading it from the perspective of a fellow dog owner. It was kind of a "better him than me" sort of funny.
Since then we have become the loving owners of dear Maggie. I am reading the book now with an appreciation not unlike the parent of a compliant child. I'm not smug (really!), because her behavior is not due to anything I have done right. She just is....golden.
Maggie is one of those dogs who only makes mistakes occasionally and who has the best of intentions in everything she does, so she is impossible to get frustrated with because she's not a bad girl, she's just misunderstood.

OK, the hair, the hair, the hair....
That is a bit of an issue, but it's kind of like when your baby spits up, it's just part of the package and it's not a big deal.

Marley's story is extremely entertaining, in large part because it's not ours.
I laugh 'til I cry, and it's kind of that uncontrollable laughter that wells up after you realize that you didn't have that accident or just missed falling down the stairs.
We were blest with a lady. We could have gotten a Marley, although I don't think a Marley could have come from Tazzy.
However, we were going to try to find a dog, and if Maggie hadn't come along, there is no telling who we would have ended up with....

Maggie's story wouldn't sell many books.
She doesn't destroy the house, she doesn't create havoc everywhere she goes.
Her day is extremely routine.
Get up, go out to do the business, come in and relax, or harass the cat, while mom is on the treadmill.
Say an exuberant "Good-bye" to dad as he goes off to work, making sure that he takes a little golden hair along on his clothes so that he doesn't forget her.
Then it's time to go upstairs, and eat breakfast and then lay at the bottom of the stairs waiting for mom to exit the shower.
After that it's time for the boys to get up, and someone will come to lay their head on her while they wait for breakfast.
School starts and then it's just up and down the stairs all day to be wherever the family is. There is a walk, the same route and the same neighborhood friends, almost everyday. If we go anywhere, it's a nap by the door 'til we get home.

Maggie is compliant and predictable, and she is just perfect for us.

Next week is St Francis' feast day, and the blessing of the animals. Maggie will be there, and we pray for a good many more years with her.

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