Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our State Fair.... a great state fair!
Well it's usually a great state fair.
We went today to enjoy the critters and soak up the farmy smells and just see something different, and it wasn't what it has been in past years, but I think the hurricane probably had quite an effect.
There really weren't that many farm animals this time around. The swine and sheep barn was almost empty. Maybe they are bringing more animals in for the weekend.
I was disappointed because the horses were done with all their classes by the time we got there, and there were so few in the barns!
The boys had a great time though.
We saw pigs...

medium and

large...1001 pounds of pork here....

We saw cows and watched this heifer bring home the champion in her class.

Paul really wanted to try milking a cow, but they weren't doing that until later. He had to make do with this display.
Hopefully he will get his chance when we go to Cherry Crest Farm later this month.

Paul decided that he wants to be a sheep farmer. He just loved this lamb in particular.

We looked at the little pens of display animals,

An alpaca

A mini-horse

A frilly goose, instead of a silly one...

Black Bunnie's dad...

An Oreo cow...
 and it was just a really nice day!

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