Thursday, July 22, 2021

Family Stuff

 It's begun. 

This week I have started the family stuff project in earnest. I have spent the past few days getting organized and equipped, and trying to figure out the best way to approach this task. 

I have purchased a scanner, which works better and worse than the one on my printer. Better because it actually scans and sends the images to the place that they need to go in less that 6 minutes, worse because I have to fix the color on some of the pictures. Not all, but some of them aren't the best to begin with, so I am touching them up. 

I also created a new google account so that I can keep all the stuff separate from my own pictures and documents. I will be able to share a lot easier that way, and I can create a new blog out of that account. 

I also got set up for the other part of the project. Sorting and documenting the many papers, cards, letters and all sorts of interesting Rarity memorabilia. I have to keep working on the logs and I need to keep adding to Grandma's blog too. I just don't want to do too much more until I get a sense of what I have to add to it. I already have most of the 40s in there and I think I am going to have to do some back dating to get some background information in there. It's fun, but I have to treat it like a job, or I will never finish. I want to be able to start packing up pictures and sending them back if that is what the family wants me to do. There is just so much. 

I also have to stay on track with the Spiritual Direction stuff. I need to keep myself moving every day in that department. 

Cora is doing well. She had a visit from her mom and sister today, and that went very well indeed. They all played in the backyard. She is really tired tonight! 

Lilly was here most of the day, helping with Cora and just enjoying the family time. 

Brendan is having some of the guys over tonight and Paul will join them when he gets home from work. 

We will have a nice quiet weekend I think. 

Well, back to work!

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