Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Dog Days of Summer 2021


Well, it's been a few days and I need to record the big news!

Cora finally came home to live with us on Friday morning, the 16th. I was so excited to go get her! 

I had so many questions about how it was going to go. Was she going to be homesick? Was she going to be able to remember to use the yard to potty? Was she going to be able to adjust to our schedule?

I am so, so pleased!! 

She was a little confused after she had been here for a few hours. She started going to the window and crying to go back home. I distracted her and took her out back for a run. We played inside and then she went to her crate for a nap. She only cried for a few minutes and then settled right down. She also went to bed that night and was quiet all night! We actually got to sleep til 6:45! 

She seems to be very happy with the household and is fitting into the family so well! it's like she has been here for months! She had one very tiny accident, because she wasn't sure where she needed to go to get out on the first day. Totally understandable! Other than that, she has been totally successful! Always taking it outside, and we have a very nice little routine going. 

We had one scary incident on Sunday, when she managed to squeeze under the gate and started running up the street. I was right there but I couldn't catch her. I was so afraid that a car was going to come down the hill. She is so fast. I ran after her and managed to entice her to came to me in the neighbors yard. Since then I have been working very hard in the backyard on recall exercises. I always keep a little bag of treats with me, and I frequently call her to me. She is really good about it. I also blocked the gate and am going to block the fence in that area. 

She is learning her basic obedience very quickly. She sits every time she is asked and now she is pretty solid on "down". Next I will work on getting her to stay in place. She is so smart and she learns commands so fast! Agility is going to be so easy! She is really doing well on leash too. It's not always smooth, but she is definitely getting it. Also the barking...that is something that I am trying to help her learn to keep under control. It's fine to back a warning, but barking at everything isn't a good habit. 

Today we went down to a little creek with Danielle and Luna for some water play. They had a great time! It is really hot out and the water felt great. 

Cora is also trying to figure out how she can be friends with the cats. Autumn is interested, but she always ends up getting annoyed by the puppy antics and wanders away. It will take some time, but eventually all of the animals will be able to coexist on the same floor. Right now Sterling is just hanging out in the basement. 

It's so good to have her here! She is definitely a gift from God. In so many ways so different from Maggie, but she is obviously meant to be with us. 

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