Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Glory, Glory

 The last couple of days have been so awesome! We have been so blest with more time with friends and family. The weather has been so wonderful and all that we have set out to do has been just so blest!! 

Yesterday we got up early to head up to Hurricane Ridge for breakfast and a hike with Dan and Brooke. 

We were able to get a great mountain-side table that Dan grabbed as soon as he got up there. 

We had wonderful food and enjoyed the scenery, and then around 9:00 we headed up Hurricane Hill to see what we could see. It was just gorgeous! It was still early so there weren't that many people yet. 

The kids went to the snow!

We met up with Sarah, and she had Katie's kids along, so we got a great group picture. 

Today Andrew and Dad went out fishing very early and they were very successful!

It sounds like they had a very good time!

While they were out, we went with the kids to a really wonderful mini-golf course that Brooke's friend has built on her property. It was just amazing!! It's like a huge work of art!

This evening we went over to meet cousin Debbie and uncle Milo Walker for dinner at Ryan and Molly Moss' home. What a great place they have! Dad came and we had a very nice visit. Great food too! Unfortunately I was so busy visiting that I got very few pictures! Dang it.

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