Saturday, July 24, 2021

This Story....

 The most cursory glance at the contents of these files and boxes has given me an inkling of what I have ahead of me as I attempt to weave this amazing family story together. 

I have been scanning pictures, moving them into Google photos, putting letters into chronological order, before I read them to see what they can provide. From the few that I have skimmed, it's going to be awesome! Letters are some of the best ways to pull together the events and recollections of the people involved, always keeping in mind that they are the perceptions of the people involved! 

I have started another blog, but I want to work on the one that I have for the Rarities first. I am hoping to find some biographical material in the papers, for both sides of the family that I am working on. I want to write on for Granny Bea, and the other grandparents. Laura will continue to work on the Hendry side.

It's just so cool to see all of this finally getting started!

Cora is also coming along. She had her 16 week appointment yesterday! She weighs 5 pounds and she is getting the hang of living in this household. 

We went for a walk this morning, and she is just amazing at "introducing" us to people along the way. She always has a wag and a smile and wants to say hello. Because she is smaller, I walk slower and so I am more likely to feel free to stop and chat. She is so tiny that she doesn't intimidate people. This morning we said hello to several elderly people who were enjoying the day. She is quite the little ambassador. Her job may just be to give people a smile when God puts them in our path. That's a good job!

Today I am planning to get to Confession, and then get dinner out for everyone. Brendan isn't feeling too hot so I will see what he feels like eating. I think he has a plain old virus, but since we have all been avoiding Covid, we have also been avoiding all the other bugs and we are going to get a lot sicker now that our immune systems need to be revamped. These viruses might just have been barely noticeable two years ago, but now they are kicking our tails.

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