Friday, September 3, 2021

First Friday- September is Here!!

 The weather today is just gorgeous! It has been in the 70's with almost no humidity for the last two days. I guess that's what a hurricane will do for you! 

The leaves are falling off the Weeping Cherry fast and furious, and Cora got a taste of leaf raking this morning. She about lost her mind. I remember Maggie tearing around the yard with glee when I'd rake, and running through and rolling in all the piles. She did that last year! She didn't run as fast, but she still enjoyed rolling in the leaves. Cora is experiencing everything for the first time and it is so much fun!

 She had "company" this morning. Comet and Luna came over to play and man, did they run!! I guess Cora has a lot more stamina than I give her credit for. I can probably walk this kid a lot further than I do. She sure does have a ton of energy! She has been losing teeth so I am hopeful that soon she will also lose the inclination to chew on everything. Old books and antique decoys are NOT chew toys! Have to watch her every second. We have our first "puppy class" tonight, so that should be interesting. 

Yesterday was Finny's surgery, and so Nina is busy playing nurse. Lilly has been staying down there as well. Interesting start to the school year. I am ready whenever she is. I am going to make them a meal tomorrow and deliver it after Mass or maybe before Confession. We have to go to Mass tomorrow night at any rate. 

I need to get to BJs sometime this weekend. I need to prepare for a directee on Sunday too. 

I am reading a really excellent book by Archbishop Chaput. It's called "Strangers in a Strange Land- Living the Christian Faith in a Post-Christian World" I have been reading lots of things along those lines lately. It's not a discouraging book at all, just a guide for navigating the times that we find ourselves in. 

Tim is mowing the yard and then we may pop down to First Fridays before the class, we'll see how much energy he has. Probably not going to be a relaxing weekend....

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