Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Happy Birthday Blessed Mother!

 Today, in the Church we celebrate the birth of our Dear Blessed Mother, Mary. She is so, so good to us! Mass this morning was wonderful! I got this wonderful icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, and I will have it blessed at Benediction on Monday. 

It has been very nice out weather-wise for the last few days. We had fires in the pit two evenings over the weekend. The bugs are still out there, but they don't like the smoke very much. We worked on getting the woodpile cleaned up and burned a lot of the junk wood. Tim also put a new tarp over the pile and set it up so that it won't collect water anymore. That should help with the mosquitoes. 

We also got a new grill and it was nice to use it for our Labor Day dinner. I grilled chicken and the grill is very nice! I shopped yesterday at Weis, and there was steak on sale for about half price! We don't often eat steak, so it will be a treat. I can't believe that it's Fall already. The days are getting shorter and the evenings are cool. It's really nice out, but I know the cold is coming. It's time to get out the Fall decorations. 

Yesterday we had our first "Social Graces" meeting. I think that it went well. We had six girls and they seemed to enjoy it. They were engaged and interested. Lilly was a great contributor! We will meet again next Tuesday, so I am working on the aspects of the message that I want to get across to them. 

Cora and I have taken a walk each night and she is getting better and better at sticking to the task at hand. She is learning to stay on the sidewalk and to be a good citizen, with no approaching people and certainly no barking. She seems to be unbothered by loud noises, dogs and strange sights. I am really happy with her progress. 

Today I am heading out to shop and then come back home to work on my presentations. Cora is going to have to do some crate-time. I'll get her a surprise to make up for it. 

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