Sunday, September 19, 2021


 Well, the week did turn out to be one for the books, however this week is looking like it will be even busier!

So the Ravens lost, in overtime, to the Raiders. It was an emotional game, that's for sure. I have a lot of options for games to watch, but also a lot of other stuff going on!

I had my girls group meeting and I was pretty happy with the way that it went. The girls were engaged and seemed to be getting something out of it. This week I will be making cupcakes because Lilly's birthday is the next day. 

We had our Revelation study on Wednesday night and it was just great. We are all really enjoying this book of the bible! So much to dig into and so beautiful! 

Thursday night we went to the first session of the Creed study down at the church. It is the newest study by Bishop Barron and it is so good! We have a great table of people! 

Friday I went down to see Fr Henry, and help him purge books. We do this every year. He has so much great material. I really enjoy reading what I get from him, and passing along so much good stuff!!

Saturday I did my TOB presentation to the girls in the Confirmation class, well some of them. There were supposed to be 9, and 6 of them were opted out by their parents. I was down to three and when I got there it looked like I was going to lose another one, but I talked to her dad and she stayed. I think that the talk itself went OK, but I was a bit flustered by the change in plans. I just want to reach as many people as possible with the beauty of this teaching, but it's a tough thing to share in these times.

Laura sent a text to say that Max has Covid, so all the kids will be staying home for the next ten days. It sounds like, for Max at least, it's a pretty simple case. I hope the rest of them can avoid it. Andrew, Laura, Lucy and Molly are all vaccinated, so that is a good thing.

We did a lot of yard work this weekend. The weather is finally cooling a bit and it's actually nice to work outside. I hope to get more done this week. 

Cora and I attended another puppy class. Cora is such a good puppy, but we are the odd pair out. We have a different way of doing most everything, but the important thing is that Cora is learning and she is doing everything that she can to become a civilized member of the family. I am very happy with her progress. We are going to head up to Ohio at the end of the month to see Paul at school. It will be her first road trip. We may end up going to Florida at the end of the month, for a week, which might just blow her tiny puppy mind. 

As far as this week goes, the Ravens are playing Kansas City right now and at least kind of holding their own. 

Tomorrow I have Bible Study in the morning after mass and then Adoration at 3:00. At 6:30 we have Benediction and then I have a small group meeting after that. So, that's Monday.

And so it goes. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous though! I'll try to get some pictures this week!

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