Saturday, September 25, 2021


 It is going to be a beautiful Saturday!

The weather is finally feeling like fall. After the rain on Thursday, the humidity is finally gone and the air is fresh! The days are warm and it is just perfect for being outside. This is a picture that I took down at the church the other night. It was a beautiful full moon, but my picture wasn't very clear.

Wednesday was Lilly's birthday! She is 14! We got together and had a lot of fun decorating her cake with fondant and sprinkles. We made Korean Beef Bowls for dinner and I gave her her presents.  

Yesterday I took Cora over to the Ma and Pa trail for a little walk and then we went to Ross' to look for pants for me. Didn't find any, but Cora did very well in the sling and so it was a good training experience anyway. She is also enjoying the nice weather! The backyard is serving up all kinds of smells and fun. She had been starting to dig but I am hopeful that we have nipped that in the bud. She smells what the squirrels bury in the yard and she is always digging up nuts and things. She is very determined. She is also getting to be a really good walking partner! She is able to keep up and mostly keep her head in the game. She doesn't run off to the side of the walk nearly as often, and I am hopeful that she will just settle down and move along within the next few months. I want her to get in good condition so that she can go on my regular walks with me. She should be able to go at least 3 to 4 miles with no problem when she is fully grown. We weighed her again last night at the puppy class and she is now an even 7 pounds. She will probably top out at around 8. She is so smart and she is learning all her lessons very quickly. I have to say that I am not exactly insisting on the same behaviors that they are focusing on, but all of what I do teach her she is getting very well. I need to teach her to wait and listen for the next cue. Just need to do more intensive training now that she is older and is getting the basics down. 

Six months old and 7 pounds!

Here are a few pictures of the dogs in the class. 



Luna and Cora

We had a good class on Thursday night. "Creed" is a wonderful study!! I am so happy with our table! The Holy Spirit always gives us so many great surprises when He puts a group together!

This is going to be a busy day so I need to get to it! I will try to be better about taking a few pictures every day. God is so good! I need to be better about sharing His blessings!

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