Saturday, September 11, 2021

It's The Weekend!

 Yeah! What a great one so far! The weather is just gorgeous!

Yesterday we had a nice day at home and I finished my presentation! I am glad to have that done so that it can be printed early in the week. 

Cora went to her second puppy class and I have to say, it wasn't stellar. Cora was very good and tried very hard, but there is just way too much going on. They were trying to teach walking on the leash which Cora does very well under almost any circumstances, but the store aisles are just too much. The one that they put us in had the refrigerator for the dog food, and something on the floor at the end that had her slipping really bad. The ends of all the aisles are filthy, because dogs are walking through there all the time and lifting their legs. There was also a dog in the store somewhere that was barking viciously and it had all the dogs upset. Cora did her best, but I was so glad to get out tonight and go down to the promenade and walk our little route. She was very happy to be out in the fresh air! 

I attended the annual Respect Life Workshop for the Baltimore Archdiocese today down in Ellicott City. What a nice program they put on! I am energized to begin putting together ways to connect our parish with the greater regional group in order to be of service to moms in need. There are some wonderful people that are working very hard to support us in our efforts.

Tim was home with Cora all day, When I got home we did our practice and then went for our walk. While we were walking we saw a wedding happening down at the lighthouse. It was a beautiful evening for it!

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