Tuesday, December 18, 2007

....and we're ready!

I am so amazed! We are ready for Christmas and it's still a week away!
I even did Christmas cards, which I NEVER do.

I started with planning to have the bulk of the shopping done before the beginning of Advent.
We actually did most of it on Thanksgiving weekend, in Laura's apartment, from this computer!
Amazon and Kohl's provided a wonderful stress-free evening of wandering the virtual malls.
We even bought the Fridge that night.

I made most of my pumpkin bread that week too. Then as the orders started arriving, I put them into boxes to ship, or wrapped them and put them away. We did spend a Saturday with the boys, each out shopping for the others, mom and dad and grandma and grandpa. That was fun.

I made Stockings for Johnny, Lilly and Lucy.

We did the tree on Saturday and the boys did most of the decorating! They did such a nice job!
I am very proud of them.
Tim and Lilly were quality assurance.

Sunday I went to do a bit of shopping for dinner and found the ham. I think we even have most of the other yummy things for the day! I got the Lil' Smokies!

The boys and I took all the finished boxes to the PO yesterday and sent them off. That was a good feeling!

All I have left are a few incidentals for dinner and the stocking stuffers, which I can't do with the boys along.

School is out until January!! We have some fun stuff planned.
Thursday we are going to a play and then to the Science Center. I am hoping to go to Philly the week between Christmas and New Years to go to the Franklin Institute.
It is just nice to relax and have a break from all of our studies.

Well, this should be an interesting week. The sugarplums are already dancing!


Tricia said...

how nice to be done! I haven't done Christmas Cards since my family became 4 instead of 3. LOL I wish I had known about ordering pumpkin bread..I SO would have. YUM!!

Your tree is beautiful!!! Enjoy your "christmas break"

Laura said...

Yay! It's almost here! I loooooove Christmas!! Just a few more days!

Anonymous said...

We just started our Christmas break today - hurray! And we had our first Christmas choir practice, makes me miss you. Garth is here doing the music this year, though so it's pretty stress free for me.
Christmas cards and some more little items to ship East go out tomorrow.
Laura sounds like her cousin Rachel with the countdown to Christmas! Enjoy and we'll talk Christmas Eve morning!
Love, Brooke