Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Is that what they mean......?

Saturday was Brendan's first Reconciliation..
We have been working hard to get ready and he has been studying and preparing.
I told him how it would go and what to expect and he wasn't nervous at all!
He felt very grown up.
The Penance service was really nice and Fr Jay did a wonderful job with the kids.
After the songs and a couple of readings and the Gospel, Father gave a very nice Homily.
Then they walked the kids back to their respective places and Brendan was first in his line.
The priest that he went to is an older priest and a very sweet man.

After he came back from doing his penance, I asked him how it had gone.
He looked at me, rather quizzically and said "He told me to sin no more."
I could tell he was wondering how on earth he was going to manage that!
My literal son.

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