Sunday, December 30, 2007

Looking forward....

I can't believe that it is almost 2008.
I remember it seems not so long ago that I was thinking 2000 seemed so odd.
The thought of all those zeros.
And now we are well into the first decade, almost to the end.
Life is good, at the end of 2007.

Tim has a great job. I am enjoying being home with the boys, their studies are going well, and I am learning more about running a business.
The whole family is healthy, and that alone is a tremendous Blessing. We are so grateful.
We have welcomed two precious babies and a new son.
Laura and Andrew and Lucy are thriving in Frostburg, while Nina, Johnny and Lilly are making a happy home in Havre de Grace. I am proud of both of my Sons-in-Law.

The house is coming along and I love the cozy, homey feel of the family room as I sit here with a fat cat snoozing behind my head. It is another great Blessing to have a warm, comfortable home.
So I have to wonder what will I be thinking about and remembering at this time next year? Who will I have met? Who will be preparing for inauguration as president? What will my boys have learned? Will I have any clients of my own? What will the babies be doing? Will there be any more babies in our circle of family and friends?

Maybe Mom and Dad will be back here.
Maybe the boys will be into something other than Legos!
I hope we are able to be together at Christmas next year. Maybe it will be a healthy one!
Just aimless musings, but as the years fly by, I look back and think about where we are right now and what we are doing that we couldn't possibly have imagined ten years ago. I have to wonder what other surprises the Lord has in store.
It's fun, a bit scary and, I guess a little silly too.
2008 is upon us and, as the old song goes:
"Whatever will be will be..."

Our Lord told us not to worry about tomorrow, that Our Father in Heaven has it all well in hand, and I know He does and that He is always guiding our steps for the good of our Souls. It's not worry. I guess it's curiosity, interest and anticipation of all His good gifts. Even the things that come along and don't seem like they can possibly be good things, are given from His hand and are the touch of a loving Father. What will He bestow on us in the coming year?

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